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The Food Protection Manager Certificate is valid for 5 years.

No there isn’t. Passing a nationally approved food safety accredited examination is considered sufficient. However, we recommend that you take a food safety training course to prepare for the certification exam.

ServSafe, Prometric, the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP), and 360 Training are all ANSI-CFP accredited examinations approved in California.

The law provides 60 days to ensure that a food facility has a certified food protection manager employed when a new business is started, change of ownership, or if the certified food protection manager leaves the business.

School and college fund service operations must comply with the food manager requirements unless they are regulated by a local food safety certifiaction program that includes training in food safety.

If all food facilities at the location are under the same ownership, one certified food protection manager is required for all operations. If the food facilities are under different ownership or at a different location, each one must have their own certified food protection manager.

Why Choose Us

Network Food Safety are bilingual in Spanish and English and offer Servsafe and National Registry testing for the California Food Handlers Card. The facts are clear; the majority of restaurant kitchen workers speak Spanish. Knowing this, Network Food Safety accommodates your kitchen staff and makes them comfortable in their native language. Network Food Safety owners not only have retired health inspectors on staff, but also have 19yrs of experience in the restaurant business as operator/owners and are very familiar with the Health Department's rules and regulations. Network Food Safety is available to visit your restaurant and do a kitchen “walk through” making sure it's in order. Network Food Safety provides on line certification.

About Us

Network Food Safety has been in business since 2001. It has been approved as Trainers and Certification Providers for the Certified Food Safety Manager. The mission of Network Food Safety through education is to assess environmental conditions and reduce exposure to health risks; and to specifically educate the public on sources of environmental risk so they are empowered to protect themselves, their families and their communities. When restaurants and organizations look for the most reliable food safety programs, Network Food Safety instructors/ proctors stand out.

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Mobile Food Safety

The Vehicle Inspection Program is conducted by the County.This program is responsible for the inspection of various types of Mobile Food Facilities (MFF) including Mobile Food Preparation Units (MFPU), Hot Dog Carts, and Limited Food Vehicles.The Vehicle Inspection Program conducts annual certification inspections; routine graded inspections and complaint inspections of MFFs as well as routine and complaint inspections at the commissaries that service these MFFs.Los Angeles and all of California have a rich history with mobile food vendors!From hot dog carts on the beach to taco trucks and ice cream vendors.

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​Our Commitments

Foodborne illness costs businesses millions of dollars every year. More importantly, foodborne illness costs lives. It’s a major concern to business and personal risk. As an expert in Food Safety, you know how important it is to help others apply food safety knowledge and best practices to ensure that consumers are protected against foodborne illness and organizations avoid negative press and costly litigation. Network Food Safety offers ServSafe and National Registry examinations which provide an effective and efficient method for certifying food safety managers. ServSafe and National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.

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